The “Rock Art” I have been creating is actually expressed in two different ways. One of the ways is the actual depiction of pictographs (rock paintings) and petroglyphs (rock carvings) such as those that have been created by our ancestors all over the world. The other way is an expression of the beauty and soul of the rock itself

Rock Art 2

Rock Art 1

The pictographs and petroglyphs I create are not 'archaeologically correct'. That is, they are not copies or scientific reproductions from any particular location or culture.

Rather, they are created from my experiences with rock art and my reading about it. The symbols I use are a combination of animal, plant and human forms and earth, sky and energy forms.

Some of them suggest little storys, others are there with no clear explanation. This is probably the way our predecessors created their art.

Rock Art 3

The second type of rock art, the expression of the rock's innate beauty, takes several forms.

Some of the rocks appear to be slate, others are limestone with fossils appearing unexpectedly.

Much of the rock is striated, some of it is carved by wind and water. Some pieces appear to have gold and copper veins pushing through the rock.

The forms are as endless as the infinite variety of formations in the rock crust surrounding our planet.

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