Very little is known about the secret past that preceded the great civilizations of ancient history such as the Egyptian, Mayan, Persian, Indian, Greek and many others.

Information about this era is totally speculative since 'solid scientific evidence' is practically non-existent and as a result, very little has been done to explore this block of time.

But the time did exist.

50,000 or more years ago there probably was a civilization of some sort made up of intelligent, living beings.

During the early 1900's a few resolute dreamers (see bibliography) speculated about this. They traveled, inquired, dug, wrote, climbed, calculated, and devised some imaginative theories about this era.

The huge continent/culture known as Mu (scientific name: Lemuria) may have existed in the Pacific Ocean as recently as 50,000 years ago.

It may have been the predecessor of all Earth’s ancient civilizations.

The temples and artifacts shown here are based on both fantasy and the kind of 'fact' described above.

Temple Lemuria Temple Lemuria

Temple Of The Wind

Circa Late Pre History
Circa Late Pre History
Lemurian Icon
Ancien Icon
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