As the many civilizations on our planet continue to pick up speed into the future it is easy to lose sense of the journey from the deep past to the present.

Why are we on this trip through time? rock art

Where are we trying to go?

Are we moving forward in a compassionate way or as a great wave of destruction?

As I try to deal with these questions, I find myself searching for the answers creatively with clay and fiber, with ideas from others and with my experiences in the natural world on our planet. Developing a sense of the past and the future has come to me through reading, traveling, reflecting and then creating. The creations shown here tend to have a sense of fantasy about them but they also have a sense of 'time'.

Along with the many miraculous changes that have developed with time I am most troubled by the insensitive ways in which much of it has happened. It would appear that this pattern is continuing into the future. Many humans are oblivious to the suffering and destruction caused by their actions and decisions. One of our greatest challenges for the future is to develop a sense of compassion in all humans, not just those who already possess this ability.This is a formidable task.

Carol Jean Attoe